Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, FAAO

Dr. Stephanie Becker

Ophthalmologist and LASIK Surgeon

"As a LASIK surgeon, I would only trust my eyes to Long Island's best LASIK surgeon: Dr. Eric Donnenfeld. Eric's warm 'bedside manner' combined with his superior surgical skills in LASIK made him the natural choice for my own surgery. I am pleased to report that I now see 20/20 and can now better relate to my own LASIK patients."

Dr. Lori M. Landrio


"In November, 1997, I experienced a miracle performed by Dr. Eric Donnenfeld - I had LASIK. I thought I was happy right after my laser vision correc­tion procedure, but I continue to be amazed at all of the benefits associated with having LASIK. I made the right decision for myself in choosing Dr. Donnenfeld for my laser vision correction."

Dr. Brian K. Berliner


"I had worn contact lenses for 30 years. My practice specializes in contact lenses and I had all the lenses in the world for free. One day I woke up and decided I wanted something more consis­tent and less frustrating. I trust­ed not only my eyes but my livelihood to Dr. Donnenfeld and today I can see 20/20 without contacts or glasses."

Dr. Carolyn Scott


"As an eye doctor myself, I am in a position to know who the best LASIK surgeon in the New York area is. Choosing Dr. Donnenfeld was the easiest decision I have ever made. Every eye doctor I know who has had LASIK has chosen Dr. Donnenfeld."

Dr. Kurt Roeloffs


"I felt so strongly about Dr. Donnenfeld's surgical ability that I insisted that my son fly in from Hong Kong to have his surgery performed by Dr. Donnenfeld."

Dr. Thomas E. Nooman


"Dr. Eric Donnenfeld was the only doctor to consider when I decided to have my LASIK procedure. Dr. Donnenfeld has superior surgical techniques and is far more experienced than any other ophthalmologist in New York."

Andriy Blazhievskiy

Ukranian Mathematician & University Professor

"As a 27 year old Ukrainian mathematician and University professor, I am extremely dependent on my eyes for both near and far­sighted work. Since LASIK is not offered in my country, I flew to Garden City to have my LASIK performed by world renowned LASIK expert, Dr. Eric Donnenfeld. Dr. Donnenfeld and the staff at TLC Garden City were very professional and the whole procedure was far easier than I expected."

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