Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, FAAO

Dr. Yoon Kim


"As an optometrist, who specializes in LASIK the decision to have LASIK myself didn't come lightly. Out of all the LASIK surgeons I know personally and professionally I chose Dr. Eric Donnenfeld because of his amazing surgical skills and his vast experience. I trust Eric, and I thank him dearly for my new vision. It's an indescribable experience!"

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Dr. Frank Verdone


"I only have one set of eyes and I wanted the best, so I chose Dr. Donnenfeld. It's been over four years now and my vision is great. When it came time for my sister and six staff members to have LASIK, Dr. Donnenfeld was the only doctor to consider."

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Al Trautwig

New York Sports Announcer

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Jancee Dunn

MTV Hostess/ Chief Editor for Rolling Stone Magazine

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Paul R. Cosenza


"In my unique position as an optometrist, the decision to have LASIK did not come lightly. It was based upon careful analysis of all available companies, technologies and surgeons. Dr. Eric Donnenfeld's amazing surgical skills and professional excellence are why I chose him. I thank Dr. Donnenfeld for my new vision, liberation from glasses, and an experience of a lifetime!"

Peter Cowan

Golf Professional

"As a professional golfer, having excellent distance vision is very important. My optometrist, Dr. Robert Rudman told me all about the most experienced refractive surgeon in the country, Eric Donnenfeld. After speaking with Dr. Donnenfeld, I was impressed with his knowledge as well as his sincere and good-natured character. I now have incredible vision on the fairway. Having full confidence in his expertise, I recommend him to many of the golf players."

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