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Dr. Eric D. Donnenfeld is recognized among his peers as an exceptionally gifted Long Island LASIK surgeon. In fact, numerous ophthalmologists choose to have their LASIK procedure done with Dr. Donnenfeld because of his extensive experience and exceptional skill. Please read the testimonials provided below from some of his satisfied patients.

Dr. Susan Fromer

Ophthalmologist and LASIK Surgeon

"As an ophthalmologist who performs LASIK surgery, I could have been treated by any doctor in the United States. I chose Dr. Eric Donnenfeld to perform my surgery because of his extensive corneal training, longest experience with laser surgery, and his commitment to excellence. It was the best decision I've made."

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Dr. Edward Rubinchuk

Ophthalmologist and LASIK Surgeon

"As an ophthalmologist who performs LASIK Surgery, I understand the importance of a perfect result. Dr. Eric Donnenfeld shares that passion for perfection with me. That's why I asked him to perform laser surgery on me."

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Dr. Michael Weiner

Ophthalmologist and LASIK Surgeon

"As an eye surgeon I could have gone anywhere to have my LASIK performed, however I choose Dr. Eric Donnenfeld. Eric made me feel comfortable and I know of no other LASIK surgeon with better surgical skills."

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Dr. Gina Horowitz


"I had LASIK performed by Dr. Eric Donnenfeld nine months ago and my vision is fantastic. I'm thrilled with the results and I'm seeing 20/15 after the procedure. Dr. Donnenfeld is the best surgeon, having operated on more eye doctors than any other surgeon in the tn-state area. He uses four different lasers and has a wealth of experience. LASIK is truly miraculous!"

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Dr. Sanford Katims


"Dr. Donnenfeld has trained 3/4's of the LASIK surgeons in the New York area. He has written over 100 articles on cornea and Laser Surgery. I have been involved in laser vision correction for years. Choosing my surgeon was the easiest decision I have ever made."

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Dr. Raymond Mariani


"My eyes required special treatment. Dr. Eric Donnenfeld is the only LASIK surgeon who has four different lasers to choose from. After extensive research I felt Dr. Donnenfeld would be the only surgeon who could provide me with a perfect result and I got it!"

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Patient Testimonials
Patient Testimonial
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