How Parents Can Benefit from LASIK

Parents have enough to worry about — everything from getting meals on the table to potty training to chauffeuring kids around to their activities. One thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is relying on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly.

Laser vision correction with LASIK is designed to give patients freedom from visual aids, which in turn makes everyday life a little easier. Read on to learn why Dr. Eric Donnenfeld feels that parents especially can benefit from LASIK.

The Ability to Respond to a Child Quickly

Parents need to be on their toes at all times, especially during the baby and toddler years. If a child cries out in the middle of the night, parents don’t want to spend time rooting around on the nightstand for glasses, or making a stop in the bathroom to put in contacts, before responding to their child. After LASIK, parents can conveniently get up without worrying about finding their visual aid.

Also, nobody likes to think about emergencies, but LASIK enables parents to be ready at a moment’s notice. In the event of a fire or a flood, a parent can immediately go to their child’s side without stopping to put in contact lenses.

More Cuddle Time

Cuddling with kids is the best! But wearing glasses while cuddling is risky — one careless swipe of the child’s hand and expensive glasses can end up shattered on the floor. With LASIK, glasses never interfere with cuddle time.

Save Money on Visual Aids

After the initial investment in LASIK surgery, parents can forget about the monthly costs associated with glasses and contacts. Certainly by the time the child goes off to college, LASIK has paid for itself.

Enjoy a More Active Lifestyle

Parents of children that enjoy sports and activities like swimming, skiing or biking should not have to sit on the sidelines while their kids have all the fun. LASIK allows parents to join in whenever they want, without the hassle of glasses that fog up or slip off the nose.

Makes Packing Easier

Packing and traveling becomes much easier without the inconvenience of glasses. No longer do parents have to worry about tracking down a pair of back-up glasses to bring, or packing big bottles of contact lens solution. Instead they can focus on getting the entire family ready to travel.

Do you have a better idea of why so many parents are opting to have LASIK? For more information about laser vision correction, please contact us and schedule a consultation with Long Island LASIK surgeon Eric Donnenfeld.

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