Activities that Become Easier and More Enjoyable after LASIK

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld and our entire team love to hear from patients about life after LASIK. Many patients tell us how their favorite activities, like exercise and traveling, become easier and more enjoyable without having to depend on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. We are very pleased to have helped improve quality of life for so many people! Here, Dr. Donnenfeld shares some examples of activities that are more convenient and rewarding after LASIK.

Exercise (Running, Biking, Lifting Weights)

If you love to run, bike or hit up a CrossFit class, but hate that sweat usually drips into your eyes or fogs up your glasses, LASIK could be a life-changer for you. Without the hindrance of glasses or contacts, you can concentrate on your athletic performance and working up a good sweat, instead of fumbling for glasses falling down the bridge of your nose or sweat irritating your contacts!

Swimming and Other Water Sports

Have you shied away from swimming or other water sports — like snorkeling or scuba diving — because of the hassle of visual aids? After LASIK you’ll be able to cannonball into a lake or pool without stopping to take off your glasses or fretting about chlorine affecting your contact lenses.


Any camper that has ever had to worry about finding a hygienic spot in the wilderness to carefully handle and clean contact lenses can benefit tremendously from LASIK. Not only will your backpack be lighter without the weight of contact lens solution, backup glasses and other paraphernalia, but you can simply wake up in the great outdoors and hop onto the nearest hiking trail without putting on glasses or contact lenses.


Maybe you enjoy traveling out of your comfort zone (but not necessarily to a campground). After having LASIK travelers of all stripes enjoy their newfound freedom from visual aids. No more panic attacks about the possibility of losing a pair of glasses in a foreign city or leaving your contact lens case on the plane. Thanks to LASIK you will be free to roam around the world as far and as often you please!

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