Young couple resting after hiking and looking at map and holding compass with waterfall in the background. Cashiers, North Carolina, USA, Angle FallsIf you need glasses or contacts in order to see your way through life, it is likely at some point, perhaps in a moment of struggle with your eyes, vision or lenses, you’ve thought about what life would be like without a vision problem. In that moment, you’ve probably thought about LASIK vision correction surgery. And then you say to yourself: “Yeah…someday.”

Having LASIK is a choice and so is putting it off. Every choice comes with certain outcomes – even putting something off. With a decision like vision correction, you may not think about the consequences of NOT having it done, but here are a few:

You Might Be Wasting Money

A lifetime of vision correction expenses adds up to a surprisingly large amount of money – thousands of dollarsLASIK is an investment, but very doable for most budgets with the very economical financing options available today.  And every day, week, month and year you don’t pay for glasses, frames, lenses, solution, cases, etc. is a day you are recouping your investment in your vision.  So, the sooner you have vision correction surgery, the sooner you begin saving money. Those who make the investment in their 20s and 30s can expect at least a decade or two of excellent vision (eventually everyone needs reading glasses), meaning they will certainly save more than they spend on the cost of LASIK.

You Might Be Compromising the Health of Your Eyes

This is particularly true if your choice of vision correction is contact lenses. Contacts require diligence. Maintenance is mandatory.  The fact is, a lot of people abuse their lenses and put their eyes and vision at risk from infection.  We see this frequently in young adults who take their health for granted.  The reality is the risk of sight-threatening infection from long-term contact lens use is greater than that of LASIK.  And choosing eyeglasses doesn’t eliminate risk – ask anyone who has fallen or been hit in the face while wearing them.  The fear of damage and injury due to broken frames or lenses is very real.

Importantly, two recent research studies show that contact lens wearers who choose LASIK are much happier with their vision after surgery, while the longer people wear contacts, the less satisfied they are with them. In fact, patients under the age of 40 report being especially satisfied with LASIK as opposed to wearing contacts or glasses.

You Might Be (Artificially) Limiting Your Life

Do you like to travel? Are you into playing sports or working out? Do you like camping and hiking? What about going to the beach?? Each of these circumstances and scenarios should be the fun part of life – and they are, even when you wear glasses and contacts. But let’s be honest, they do present a challenge. Dirt, sand and water threaten the safety of contacts. Hauling contact lens supplies around is a hassle. Prescription sunglasses are expensive and fashions change pretty frequently.  The list of compromises you are making in life with glasses and contacts can be pretty long.  If you are fortunate enough to pursue your passions in life, you owe it to yourself to experience it all without the limitations of corrective lenses.

So if you’ve been thinking about have LASIK “someday,” these are just a few of the reasons to think again and make your vision and lifestyle a priority. Today’s modern technologies make LASIK a safe and terrific vision correction option for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism – the latest research confirms up to 96 percent of patients are satisfied with their results.  There really has never been a better time than now to find out if you are a candidate for the procedure and if LASIK is right for you.

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